Each Participating Business will be given:  Tent Space * 2 Tables * 1 Electric Grill * 2 Chairs * a sign with your business name & address.   Participants will be required to bring necessary ingredients to create your signature sandwich.

Cost: $380.00

Each business must comply with City of Toronto Public Health and requires a Public Health Temporary Establishment Permit

Interested in becoming a vendor for our festival area? 

Contact us at sales@envokemarketing.com

The Challenge

Sales Vendor Application

Do you believe you have the very BEST grilled cheese recipe in the GTA?

Join us at the 2nd annual Grilled Cheese Challenge to see if you have what it takes to win!

1st Place $1000.00 plus bragging rights 
2nd place    200.00              
3rd place     100.00

Best Local $500.00 open to Joint BIA members only.

Peoples Choice Awards

Best Tasting $100.00  
Most Inventive $100.00      
Best Gourmet $100.00  


How it works...
Sign up as a challenger (open to all including food trucks) see challenge application for pricing.

Sell your food, drinks and Grilled Cheese all day!

You will be notified of your judging time between 4-5pm when you can present your best to the judges.

Information on health & safety, insurance and set up will be provided. Just contact us for more details.

lakeshorebia@gmail.com  or Carol 416 503-9108

2017 Challengers

Our Judges Panel

  • Radio Host - Todd Shapiro

"The Todd Shapiro Show" SIRIUS XM Radio

  • Chef Eadrey Hemmings - owner, creator Eadrey Foods
  • City Councillor Mark Grimes
  • Guest Judge Winner - Duane Browne - motivational speaker, brand coach, marketer and certified food lover.

NTB Lakeshore

Alterna Savings

Toasty Zappi

Tatsu's Bread

Wild Pigeon

Cut the Cheese

No 7 Mexican Hot Sauce

Kungfu Dawg

Mama Koka

Kitchen on 6th

The Big Guys

Carol Ledden | 2925 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON M8V 1J3, Canada | +1.416 503-9108